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Monday, July 9, 2012

PolyBoRi's Bug-fixing Release 0.8.2

We just released PolyBoRi 0.8.2 at
This is a bug-fixing release incorporating various patches contributed by the Sage community , lmonade, and the participants of the ELAGB workshop here in Kaiserslautern.This includes the following issues and features:
  • Dependencies of optional rpm package gui fixed
  • Fixed bug which prevented self-testing of polybori.plot
  • Build systems uses as few libs as possible for linking
  • Explicit name lookup of attributes from template base
  • Preprocessor misconception fixed (#if vs. #ifdef)
  • polybori.gbcore drops assumption ideal were a list (still assuming iteratable)
  • png generation via libm4ri (alternative to libgb)
We also experimented with alternative procedures for converting matrix-represented polynomial systems to binary-decision diagrams. This would improve the F4-like algorithms within PolyBoRi. While having fixed some minor issues we had to postpone major changes due to a serious performance regression :-( We hope to get back to this soon.

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