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Friday, March 16, 2012

Releasing PolyBoRi 0.8.1

Dear PolyBoRi users,
we are proud to announce that PolyBoRi 0.8.1 is available at

We continue to follow the two major goals of the 0.8 branch: stability and compatibility. In addition, for improved supporting of external developers we partially restructured the sources of libpolybori_groebner.

The full changelog of release 0.8.1 reads as follows:
* fallback m4ri updated to release 20111203
* Merged Cudd with cudd 2.5.0
* Prefixed patched Cudd's function with pbori_
* ipbori is now an all-python script with fallback to plain python if
  IPython is not available
* Python interface utilizes shared libraries
* PolyBoRi's shared libraries are found via relative rpath
  (relative install-name on Darwin)
* introducing DEFAULT_*FLAGS
* Install/InstallAs fixes permissions
* ipbori -t runs PolyBoRi's doctests
* internal refactoring of ReductionStrategy and GroebnerStrategy started
* avoiding long long

Binary packages are available for recent OpenSuSE, Mandriva and Fedora as well as Debian and Ubuntu distributions. Just point your package manager here:

In addition the corresponding communities bundled preliminary spkgs
and Gentoo ebuild scripts are available via the lmonade project at http://www.lmona.de/ .

With best regards,
  The PolyBoRi Team

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